Infertility in Women

Infertility in women is very common these days. Many women show symptoms of infertility and other women do not know there is a problem until they start trying to conceive. With the many different types of infertility, the signs and symptoms range from women to women or can even affect the man in the relationship.

A woman should see their doctor if they have not become pregnant even though they are trying. “Trying” means one to two years of unprotected intercourse on an average of three times a week. The couple should see first their primary care physician or their regular OBGYN in order to diagnose a fertility problem. They may then be referred to a specialist. Among the many possible signs of infertility, the most common for women is an irregular menstrual cycle. Although an irregular menstrual cycle may be one of the signs of infertility, it could also point to a lot of things and does not necessarily mean that the woman is infertile. Another sign of infertility can be a weight problem in regards to a women being to thin or obese. Some women who are too thin and bordering on emaciation can have a problem conceiving because they lack the proper nutrients. On the other hand, women who are obese sometimes suffer from hormonal problems, which in turn may affect their reproductive system. Substance and alcohol abuse can also lead to infertility.

Although these are causes of infertility rather then signs of infertility because they can make a woman unable to conceive. Women who frequently use illegal drugs and other substances can harm their bodies affecting the way it works. They are likely candidates of being unable to produce children because substances and alcohol abuse can and may discourage the proper growth and conception of fetuses.

When Sex Isn't EnoughSigns of infertility can also be apparent in the man. Anatomic or physical problems may be signs of infertility in men. Undescended testicles can be a factor of infertility. Sometimes a sign of infertility in men is due to an outside cause. Men who wear tight underwear or jeans may have an inability to produce viable sperm for conception. Exposure to heat on their scrotum and gonads can also lead to an inability to produce children.

Some of the signs of infertility in women and men are the same. Both men and women can have an inability to produce offspring through weight problems like obesity or due to substance abuse. In the same way a women’s body can malfunction in a way that may not hold a pregnancy, a man might be affected because they may not be able to produce the right amount or form of sperm to conceive.

If a couple has been trying to get pregnant with no results, rather then jumping to the conclusion of infertility in women or men, the couple should take steps to make sure they are having intercourse when the woman is ovulating. The woman can track her basal body temperature or use an ovulation kit to see when she is ovulating. Often times, the couple is just not having intercourse around the right time of the month.

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