Getting Pregnant on the Pill

Pills are one of the most popular means of birth control. In fact, many women prefer to use it over other birth control pills since it is easy to use. It is just like taking a tablet of medicine and the woman can now have intercourse without having to worry of getting pregnant.

However, there is no perfect solution or scientific innovation that will give you a hundred percent assurance that you will not get pregnant on the pill. People can get pregnant while on the pill. Yes, sad (for some) but true. There are a number of reasons why people do get pregnant on the pill.

One is that the dosage of the pill is lower than that is required by the body of the person taking the pill. It will leave the pill ineffective as it cannot prevent the women to get pregnant. Hormonal imbalances on the part of the woman may also affect the efficacy of the pill according to its dosage. It is important to know how your body chemistry will react on the pill. There are many cases that women who are taking the pill religiously got pregnant. Another reason that may be of interest is the frequency of taking the pill. Some forget to take it regularly. Others got pregnant since they forgot to take the pill and have unprotected intercourse on that day.

Pills prevent ovulation, which contributes to the likelihood of not getting pregnant even if the woman is very sexually active. It is important though, to take some precautions before taking the pill not to get pregnant. Some pills do have side-effects and while these consequences sometimes are not something to worry about, it is still a hassle for women to deal with.

If you really want to get pregnant, the most important thing to do is to stop taking the pill and have unprotected sex with your spouse to get pregnant. You may want to read some get pregnant tips or trying the tested home remedies to get pregnant and be blessed with a wonderful baby that you’re dreaming of.

On the other hand, if you’re really avoiding pregnancy and do not want to get pregnant at this moment, or have some questions such as “can I get pregnant on the pill”, the best possible solution is to continue taking the pills according to your doctor’s prescription or you may also want to try other pregnancy prevention measures for you not to get pregnant.

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