Chances on Getting Pregnant on Your Period

Can a girl get pregnant on her period? This has been an issue that is often asked by girls on their reproductive days. The answer would depend in the case of every woman. There have been women who predictably ovulate on a specific day on cycles of their menstruation. There also have been women whose menstrual cycles are even more irregular. Ultimately, it has been very hard to say if you are getting pregnant while on your period.

Several studies show that women who have menstrual cycles less than 28 days have much more possibility of being pregnant on their monthly period. This has not been the average for most of the women. When you have a quite short menstrual cycle, in that case this might be the circumstances for you.

Certainly, it doesn’t maximize your odds, whether it has been possible getting pregnant on your period. If you keep having sexual intercourse on your monthly period, you can find it very hard to conceive.

The majority of women have been the most productive about 1-2 weeks following their last period. This has been the right time the body takes to rebuild the lining of uterine under way for a potential pregnancy and then release an egg cell during ovulation. If you have been trying to be pregnant, make sure to have sexual intercourse at different times during your cycle to hit the ovulation. On the other hand, concentrate your attempts for a few weeks after the period. This would increase your odds for conception.

If you have not been sure how long the cycles of menstruation typically take, you might want to record the time from your first day of a period to the initial day of the next period. You could make some marks on the daily calendar and nobody would suspect a thing! It might be possible for a girl to be pregnant while she is in her period if her menstrual cycles have been averaging less than 28 days long.

Women approaching menopause as well as teenage girls have usually been the two sets of females who do least desire to be pregnant. On the other hand, they have been the ones that have most unbalanced cycles of menstruation making it very difficult to tell the time when they would ovulate. This could mean that they have the highest risk of getting pregnant on their period.

Eventually, getting pregnant has been an unpredictable stuff. If you have been looking to make a family of your own, make sure to keep a sexual intercourse all through the whole month. This would increase your odds of having sexual intercourse on your fertile period. If you are having regular sexual intercourse for no less than a year, without pregnancy, you might want to have more information on the cycle of your menstruation. There have been lots of methods on hand to help you in knowing if you are fertile or not at a given time, as well as if you could get pregnant while on your period.

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