Can You Get Pregnant if He Pulls Out

The withdrawal method, otherwise known as the onanism or coitus interruptus, has been the oldest birth control method. The term came from Onan. The character whose the story has been told on Genesis 38:8-10. On that story, Judah said Onan to get married with the wife of his brother. He had sex with brother’s wife. Upon making out that the child wouldn’t be his own, he withdrew his penis before he could ejaculate and then spilled the semen in the floor. This disappointed the Lord.

This has been the most generally used method of family planning. The motives for its recognition have been convenient and safety. The method of withdrawal needs no preparation as well as it could be used at all times. Not including this, it really has no consequences as there has been no requirement to get any device or any medication. A study proved that this kind method has also been very popular for wives who have been forced by their drunken husband to engage in sex.

But do not pin the hopes for so high in this kind of method. Getting pregnant from withdrawal method has been highly frustrating and unreliable to both sexes. Failure rate for the coitus interruptus has been 200-300 pregnancies for 1,000 women on a year. Various doctors, really, refer to this as birth control’s “Russian roulette”. What composes the withdrawal method the worst on family planning? Primarily, it has been hard to take pleasure in sex when one has been concerned on get pregnant chances that is what typically occurs if man cannot pulls out before ejaculation. Controlling the ejaculation has been difficult particularly on younger men. A number of men might not make out when to take out while others might choose not to carry out by any means.

“The withdrawal method goes against human nature and the laws of physics. At the moment of greatest sexual excitement, it requires a cool head and a good aim. As far as physics is concerned, it compels the man to go backward when he wants to plunge forward, to stop when he wants to really get started, and to subtract when he wants to add,” as said by Dr. David Reuben, a renowned California psychiatrist. “It also makes the woman feel left out. At the moment of impending orgasm, she is jolted back to reality as five or six jets of hot semen are sprayed on her tummy. Not exactly ecstasy,” Reuben told. To take pleasure in sex on the later years, you should eat right; keep fit and more importantly have a love life. The simple tips could go such far way on preserving the sex life.

Withdrawal MethodFor sacred and other motives, this has been one of the most preferred methods of birth control by lots of women. The withdrawal method could be very useful. On the other hand, if the woman does not have a monthly period that has been predictable and predictable, get pregnant chances increase. The odds of getting pregnant as well increase noticeably when the partners do not firmly follow the calendar.

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