Can You Get Pregnant from Anal Sex

Pregnancy from anal sex has been unlikely, even though the odds do exist. To be aware of this, let us briefly talk on how the pregnancy happens.

For the pregnancy to happen, sperm, which have been on the semen, should enter the vagina, and then go all the way through the cervix, then to the uterus, after that in to the fallopian tube for the union with the egg cell. As this occurs, the sperm should fertilize the egg cell, and the fertilized egg should go down to the fallopian tube and then implant into the uterus.

Sperm could be able to go through the vagina if the ejaculation or the pre ejaculation happens in or close to the vagina. In anal sex, ejaculation happens on the anus — that is not linked on any means to female reproductive region for example cervix, uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes. On the other hand, some time semen goes in touch with vagina, like by leaking from the anus in anal intercourse, there have been odds of having pregnant. The chances are not great because the sperm might have to be alive after leaking on the anus and then making their way into vaginal cavity, though there is still possibility there.

Let us go back to the question “Can you get pregnant from anal sex?” The reasonable answer has been a very resonant “Maybe”. There have been lots of variables to play here, as well as every precaution must be taken to pass up on pregnancy when you so desire. Still when trying to be pregnant, on the greatest possible situation, there has still been just a one for every four odds of having so. On the other hand, with the things told, there have still the chances to get pregnant from anal sex, however small it is, of having pregnant subsequent to the safety measures.

It has been possible, but quite implausible. The semen need to get into the uterus for the conception, so the only manner to be pregnant from the anal sex has to get the sperm in vulva, it is now likely to go into the uterus. On the other hand, if you had a vaginal sex with no protection at all, you wouldn’t necessarily be pregnant. Therefore it has been unlikely to be pregnant from an anal sex.

Although there is constantly little pregnancy risks caught up in the non-intercourse kind sexual actions, the odds of having pregnant from employing on anal sex have been so slim. The sexual organs aren’t linked to the rectum or anus, thus there has been no direct way for semen to get to fertilize the egg cell. When you don’t use safety measures, still, there has always been a very little odd that a number of his semen might spill out and then find its path into the vagina.

You won’t be pregnant from doing the anal sex. The pregnancy doesn’t happen from the anal sex, whether it is protected or not.

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