Can You Get Pregnant From a Dog

Can you get pregnant from a dog? It is interesting to know that this question has been one of the most popular questions about getting pregnant in Google. If you will be asking this sort of question, getting pregnant by your dog, to a doctor or any medical professional, that person could have burst in laughter and will jokingly say, YES, YOUR DOG CAN GET YOU PREGNANT.

Seriously, there are a lot of people who have this sort of question, especially those young teenagers who are very fond of dogs as pets. It is also noteworthy that such query has been all over the Net and it seems that many youngsters are worried if their dog can get them pregnant. No, we skip the possibility of them having sex with their dog. It is just so taboo and this writer believes that questions on getting pregnant by a dog stem from the fact that many girls are very much close to their pet dogs and not because they had sex with them. So what is really the answer to this dog question?

The very answer is NO! You can’t get pregnant with your dog. It is impossible to happen and science can prove it. Humans have 23 pair of chromosomes while dogs have 39 pairs. This is really a mismatch and there hasn’t been a record in history that a person got pregnant by a dog.

can-you-get-pregnant-from-a-dogQuestions such as these are sometimes funny and weird, no matter how serious the one throwing the question is. In fact, it is even in the suggestion tool in Google, which this writer believes that many have been posing this question, or searching this question in the world’s number 1 search engine. But whatever the intent in posing such inquiry, whether a serious or just a prank one, it is impossible that a human can get pregnant by a dog.

The only time the answer to this question could be yes if the one asking is a DOG. So if you’re a dog and you got contact with another dog, then you might get pregnant.

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    Weird question

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